Dancing Girl Press

I love the work that Kristy selects, and I’m honored to be part of the 2010 selection.  My chapbook Experiments in Light and Ether should be coming out in the summer, and I’ll give more details as I know them.  In the meantime, check out Dancing Girl Press.  Right now you can get 5 books for $20, which is quite the steal.  I suggest Kate Durbin! Sarah Gardner is also wonderful… you really just can’t go wrong with any of the DGP selections.


In the Post

What bees and babes is this place luring?

(from Gretel and the Witch)

I have my very own copy of The Ravenous Audience now, and I’m so glad to hold it in my hands. I had the great fortune to see this book along its way to book-ness. This is not a shy book, and it is not for the timid reader.  Kate tackles a lot, and she is unafraid in her words. There are delicate moments, but there are raw moments too. It’s a great collection, and I just wish that I was in Southern California to hear her read from its pages.  I guess I’ll just have to try to tempt Kate back to Seattle for a visit and a reading…

Two things of note

New work appears in the summer issue of Goblin Fruit.  Many thanks to Kate Durbin for her help in revisions.

New to the poetry blog scene, Alex Gallo-Brown has started Poem Box: A Community Forum for Literature and the Arts.  Check him out, help him out, leave him comments!  His brother just had a wonderful show at a community center in Ravenna and you can see some of his photographs that Alex has posted.

There are some things chasing around my head about timing and mis-timing, but it hasn’t settled yet.  Things seem to be in starts and stops lately.  Jubilant trip to Wyoming follows with spilling two pounds of black beans on the floor of the PCC.  I don’t know how these things connect yet, but they must.  I’m currently reading Jeff Encke’s Most Wanted: A Gamble in Verse.  By reading, I mean playing.  It is a deck of cards, and I hope to play rummy tonight with a good friend and see what transpires.  I forgot until this afternoon that Jessi once dreamt about a deck of poetry cards and Juan Felipe Herrera’s workshop.

I’ve been casting my own cards about for a while now.  How have I been in Seattle since October?

The Lovely Kate Durbin

Water Tower

Sun Shadow

Black Hole Sun

A good friend from grad school came up to Seattle for a few days.  After a few misses, we were finally able to get together yesterday, and we ran around Capitol Hill and Seattle-at-large for a little bit.  She has two books coming out, The Ravenous Audience (on Black Goat Press) and Amelia Earhart: Fragments Found in a 1937 Aviator’s Boot (on Dancing Girl Press).  I’m going to bring a few copies of her chapbook to work and see if the museum is interested in selling them in the gift shop.  It’s an absolutely lovely series, and I hope they will.  Hopefully next time Kate comes we’ll be able to do a reading together.  

We went to Volunteer Park, and this time I got to see it in the sunlight as opposed to in the rain.  Beautiful day, wonderful people.  Now I have bread in the oven, I’m looking over my galleys for Letters Through Glass and we have a new president.  A president who had a poet read at his inauguration.  Despite the fog that rolled in this morning, it’s a sunny day.