The Lovely Kate Durbin

Water Tower

Sun Shadow

Black Hole Sun

A good friend from grad school came up to Seattle for a few days.  After a few misses, we were finally able to get together yesterday, and we ran around Capitol Hill and Seattle-at-large for a little bit.  She has two books coming out, The Ravenous Audience (on Black Goat Press) and Amelia Earhart: Fragments Found in a 1937 Aviator’s Boot (on Dancing Girl Press).  I’m going to bring a few copies of her chapbook to work and see if the museum is interested in selling them in the gift shop.  It’s an absolutely lovely series, and I hope they will.  Hopefully next time Kate comes we’ll be able to do a reading together.  

We went to Volunteer Park, and this time I got to see it in the sunlight as opposed to in the rain.  Beautiful day, wonderful people.  Now I have bread in the oven, I’m looking over my galleys for Letters Through Glass and we have a new president.  A president who had a poet read at his inauguration.  Despite the fog that rolled in this morning, it’s a sunny day.