Monday Journal

*****Update November 4th, 2009****

I’m going to let this rest for a while.  I hope to return soon, and look to the main page for an announcement of when I’ve returned to weekly posting here.


This is a new project, started because I like to give myself deadlines.  Every Monday I’m going to post a small excerpt from my journal.  The idea is to range from typed text with digital photos to ink with collage and drawing.  I’m not sure how it will evolve, but I thought it was worth a try.  The most recent posts will be added beneath each week.

**** Restructuring (June 3) ***

Mondays aren’t exactly working for me anymore.  So this will be the Tuesday/Wednesday journal. Otherwise known as the day-I-have-off-from-work journal.  I also am re-ordering the posts, newest ones directly below.  It makes more sense than having to page down to see the newest update.

July 17th

After a short intermission, projects are going back up.  It’s been a strange month so far.  I’m realizing, too, that all of these look much better at a distance than up close, so keep in mind when viewing to zoom out.


June 30th (Tuesday)

with a fish

See the post on the main blog to get a bit of an idea of the day.

June 16 (Tuesday)


This is an actual (gasp!) pen and ink.  Part of a larger collage that isn’t quite finished, and will be sent to a friend once it is.  I haven’t saved it as a pdf, so it will just have to be within the page. This is becoming so unorganized!


June 11 (Thursday)

Triodites Mus

I’ve been playing in Photoshop again, and I’m starting to remember how to use it to recreate the way I collage with pen and ink and paper.  There’s still something wonderful about getting all gluey and full of pigment and ink, but this is easier to share.  I’m not entirely happy with the photos I have to work with, and I’d love it if I could either a) shoot someone else or b) have someone else shoot me.  ‘Till then the strange self portraits with the camera balanced and a self timer set will have to suffice.

There are more collages, and if you’re interested in seeing them please let me know.

June 3rd

relearning the tarot

Renaming this the once-a-week journal? I’m getting rather slow about posting these.


Monday May 25 (otherwise known as Tuesday, May 26)

of wolves

Maybe I should rename this Tuesday Projects.  I seem to be posting a day late most often, and it’s greatly attributed to my work schedule.  I have Tuesdays off, originally because I crashed classes at UW.  Though I haven’t been to a class in a long time, I like having Tuesdays off.  Text is from a piece I began at work.  With the addition of MS Word to the computer I have actually been getting a lot of odd pieces started.  I’m working on a series inspired by themes that Kate approaches in her new book, and maybe some will appear here soon….


Monday, May 18th

Morning Light

A combination of elements- text from a piece half begun at home, half begun at work.  The text is chopped from its original source, and perhaps the full piece will amount to something, but I’m not sure yet.  Image is  from home (with an appearance in another text.)


Monday, May 11


Again, a late entry.  I might be shifting Monday Journal to Tuesday Journals.  I wanted to separate my posting here from Body of Climates, but Monday nights are dinner nights, and Tuesdays are one of my consistent days off.  This is a combination of text written at work and a collage done over the weekend.  First art I’ve made in the new house, and it’s nice to get back to it.  I want to start suspending pieces on thread again, and maybe I’ll figure a way to display these little collages.  It’s fun to play again.


False-Monday (Tuesday, April 21)


Late entry!


ether at mof

I’ve been trying to do (real) work while at work, and so this is a transcription of some of the notes I made about my current chapbook project.  The picture is from work as well, taken today during a classic Seattle day.  Sun and five minutes later dark grey downpour.  I love it here.


Monday April 7


The sun has emerged and Spring feels finally here.  Though I’m posting this a day late, the journal bit was completed on Monday.  Even in the small space between then and now, things have changed a bit; shifted and evolved.  Fitting that this entry comes from sitting in front of a fountain.  Steady immobile sculpture covered in constant motion.


Monday, March 30


I’m back to cartography.  This site has more maps, but this is my attempt at showing Seattle.  I’ve been working on an essay, examining self and maps and self-perception, and so more text on this coming soon.



I once thought this an elegant picture, but I’m not feeling very elegant these days.  Text comes from my notebook, some lines have worked their way into larger pieces.


Monday March 2


A bit about this entry: Tonight was the monthly open mic at the Richard Hugo House.  I challenged a friend to write about ether, and he challenged me to write about ether without using found text.  I read this piece this evening, but as with all the journal pieces, it isn’t a Finished Piece.


Monday February 23



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