Poetry in a Fishbowl- Recap

2014-01-31 08.41.27

Last night I had the good fortune to host a reading with Aaron Barrell, Carrie Kahler, Arlene Kim and Jeff Encke on The Glass Slipper. It was a small crowd, but the perfect group of folks for an inaugural reading that had me just a little stressed beforehand. We had about 15 people in attendance, including the poets, and one very friendly puppy named Craig who tried his best to eat Jeff’s manuscript.  The boat rocked gently on the dock, welding flared in the background, Lake Union shimmered and I think everyone had a good time.

2014-01-30 18.20.13It’s been at least half a decade since I last organized a reading and the flurry of making sure I bought crackers and cheese, a couple bottles of wine, distributed the address (an unknown stress factor- planning a reading on a boat means the venue has potential to move!), setting the order, telling enough people but not too many, and remembering to print bios meant…. oh yeah, I’m reading? Oh hell. What am I reading? I told everyone the theme would be water, which the poets kindly wove into their selections. I, however, pulled together a few things looking more at time than anything else.

In looking at the few poems I chose, there was a little bit of a sultry undertone.  I’m not entirely surprised by this—it’s a cold dreary time in Seattle and I confess my mind is on heating up and warmer company. I say passion is fluid and so, water themed? Sure.

Here’s one of the pieces I read, and if I had to draw it to the theme—ISON is basically a ball of ice, right? Or was? Water is everywhere, so I think even if folks hadn’t tried to tie it in, we would have been a liquid bunch.

Ison's Bones

Big thanks to all the poets for joining me, and big thanks to Captain Geoff for donating the space and talking me down from near panic on Wednesday morning.  Last night left me thinking again, how on earth am I so lucky to know the people I know?


Two things of note

New work appears in the summer issue of Goblin Fruit.  Many thanks to Kate Durbin for her help in revisions.

New to the poetry blog scene, Alex Gallo-Brown has started Poem Box: A Community Forum for Literature and the Arts.  Check him out, help him out, leave him comments!  His brother just had a wonderful show at a community center in Ravenna and you can see some of his photographs that Alex has posted.

There are some things chasing around my head about timing and mis-timing, but it hasn’t settled yet.  Things seem to be in starts and stops lately.  Jubilant trip to Wyoming follows with spilling two pounds of black beans on the floor of the PCC.  I don’t know how these things connect yet, but they must.  I’m currently reading Jeff Encke’s Most Wanted: A Gamble in Verse.  By reading, I mean playing.  It is a deck of cards, and I hope to play rummy tonight with a good friend and see what transpires.  I forgot until this afternoon that Jessi once dreamt about a deck of poetry cards and Juan Felipe Herrera’s workshop.

I’ve been casting my own cards about for a while now.  How have I been in Seattle since October?