Ah for an Apple

I wish this had been built. Boullee (there’s an accent over the first e, but I don’t know how to insert it on here) designed a cenotaph for Newton in 1784, but like many of his over-stretching designs, it was never made. Here’s what he wanted, according to Sidney Perkowitz: “Boullee’s plan to honor Newton placed an enormous hollow sphere, 750 feet in diameter, on a massive plinth 300 feet high; Newton’s empty tomb lies at the bottom center of the sphere. From that spot, visitors see daylight thorough starlike openings in the sphere above, a planetarium effect simulating the cosmos that Newton had tamed. At night the sphere was to be filled with a facsimile of brilliant sunlight, although the requisite artificial illumination had yet to be invented.”

What audacity! Fill this with light, but I don’t know how. How majestic it would have been if created. There is something so captivating about light. Perhaps this is why I’m researching and reading the rules of how to bend it, how to use interference to create darkness out of beams/waves of light. Intriguing. We no longer create mythic statues for anyone, let alone scientists. We are so secure in our knowledge, but so were they. What are we operating under as truth that is more malleable than we realize? Bend light.

It’s actually grey here, again. Last night Chris called, the moon a fading blood-red above him, the left over after-effect of a total eclipse. It was too cloudy to see it here, a first that it was clearer in New Jersey than CA. I might be wrong, but I feel like this past year and a half there have been more eclipses than normal. I think I’m going to start marking time by the eclipses. Before the first, after the second, and here we go, after the third. Thus enters Post Eclipse III.

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