Winter approaches quietly

I can mark Seattle snow events by holidays.  When I moved out here the first storm hit on solstice, and the solstice party we had planned ended up myself, my aunt and uncle, their two friends and my friend.  We had plenty of food, a cozy fireplace, an eventful trek through snow (complete with bus-delay and truck-rescue).  The next year was mild and uneventful.  This year, as we made our way towards Thanksgiving the snow began to fall again.  Monday I stayed at work longer than I should have, keeping my fingers crossed for the Seattle Arts and Lectures event that evening, but as it grew dark I started to get worried and I grabbed my stuff to head home.  What’s a twenty-minute commute in the snow?  Try three hours and a mile walk home.  I was cold, hungry and grouchy by the time I stamped my feet into our foyer, but there was my housemate, with a warm kitchen and a bottle of wine.  Since then I have no complaints.  The next morning as the snow took hold my office closed down and I bundled up and walked to the grocery store as the sun rose.  Colorful delicious breakfast, working from home, Thanksgiving, movies, yarn projects, art projects, reading books I’d put down a while ago, a concert that blew my mind…. and the snow’s already melted away. 

I won’t pretend everything is going the way I want it to right now, but there’s enough that keeps me falling in love that I don’t know how I could complain.  Seattle, you beautiful thing.  Keep shining that smile across the water at me.