I agree with my sister, this dress makes me happy.  It’s not only springtime wonderful, but seeing her site reminds me again that I want to be more of a crafter.  Coming across her current contest coincides with listening to a podcast about crafts from To The Best of Our Knowledge.  It made sense to hear that crafting can actually help depression.  I was always sort of flippant about my crocheted afghan and the summer I spent working on it, but I guess I was tuning into something that was actually helping.

In the spirit of all this, I brought out the scarf I began last year while keeping my housemate company in the kitchen last night.  I got a few rows done, but it still needs work.  I’m having trouble justifying working on it while I still don’t have a job I’m happy in though.  Something is always in the way.  And then there are books to read and poems to work on and fellowships to apply for….

So I admire crafters. And one day, I will join your ranks.  Until then, visit my sister’s blog for her amazing projects, and stay tuned for the eventual-scarf.