Though in general I’m not a fan of Valentine’s day, beyond making glittery collages for my girl friends, this is sort of wonderful.  I’ve heard nice things about Dancing Girl Press from Kate Durbin, and I just purchased a few books from the winter sale.  I don’t know anything about the authors, but I’m still excited for the books to get here.  

I do need to get out and buy some glitter though, so that my lovely lady friends can have glitter explosions in their mailboxes around the 14th.  If you want a valentine, send me your address!  The last real valentine flurry I sent was while I was at Moravian College.  I gave one to my friend Tim and (though I don’t know I told him this) I panicked after I put it in the drop box, thinking I’d written the wrong box number.  I kept checking by the mailboxes until I saw it appear through the glass and I broke into the box to take it out.  After running upstairs to the information desk and checking the number I found I’d done it right in the first place, and sheepishly broke back into the box to put it back.  Later Moravian put guards on the mailboxes and we couldn’t card into them anymore.  Safer all around, but I would have been a wreck, watching through impenetrable glass the glued and collaged valentine slanted against the metal post box walls.