Petroglyphs and Faith

Petroglyph and Steggie in Maui

I’ve recently started to gravitate towards dinosaur humor.  I’m not entirely sure why—I was never that into dinosaurs as a child, any more than any kid is. Lately though I find them endlessly amusing. The blog T-Rex Trying makes my day, and we routinely make dinosaur jokes while climbing. I think it might have started a few years ago while watching endless episodes of Battlestar Galactica with my roommate.  Between episodes he would charge across my bed making noises like a baby brontosaurus to get to his ice cream/beer/whatever was on my desk.  I bought him a dinosaur planter, as one does, and then this past spring found a toy dinosaur on the beach while visiting him in Hawaii.   The toy dinosaur, of course, led to me finding petroglyphs in the guidebook and demanding a detour from surfing to stroll past some history.

Lately I’ve just embraced my love of dinosaurs—why not? So as I paged through my guidebook for El Potrero Chico one of the rest-day suggestions caught my eye: petroglyphs outside Mina!  H. hadn’t heard about them, despite living in the area for several months.  I’m not entirely sure if he’s humoring me or actually excited, but it’s now officially in our plan—climb some bad ass multi-pitches and then PETROGLYPHS! Sure, a hot spring too, and I’m sure it will be lovely and relaxing, but, did I mention petroglyphs?

There’s something about seeing tactile proof of people on rocks that blows my mind.  Talk about legacy—the person who made this was not so different from me, but so different.  It gives me a sense of vertigo and crashes timelines down into each other. I tried to explain the way I feel about timelines to H the other night, and I think I did a dismal job.  I blame wine and whiskey, but really—I think it’s just difficult to explain the overlapping sense I sometimes have.  A little bit inspired by string-theory, a little bit Buddhist, a little bit faith… I’m not sure where to source all of it.  I’ve lately met a lot of Christians-turned-Agnostic and talked with them about the transition away from a firm belief in God.  In a way I’m envious that they had that kind of faith at one point—perhaps that’s why I’m thinking about faith and what I actually feel and believe.  I think it’s impossible for me to describe without gesticulation—words fail.  And then you stand in front of something like an etching in rock that is potentially from 7600 BP, and there has to be something right? Or not. I don’t know.  What I do know— I’m excited to be here, in this time, with the people I know and adventure on the horizon. I’m excited that I have friends who send me pictures of dinosaurs and friends who say hell yes, let’s go see some cliff drawings in the desert.

Also– to update an earlier post: I hit one of my goals on Monday– I suppose my friends were right when they said I should pick something a little further out of my reach.  I really did think that climbing an 11+ clean was going to be a while coming, not a few sessions after setting the goal.  So, new goals are in play, because I didn’t give myself the time I wanted. Lead 10+. Climb 12-. Let’s see how long those take.