Cooking Wonderfully

I saw this on my sister’s blog, and so I’m doing the same.  What a lovely lovely apron!

I cook dinners every Wednesday now, and I’m starting to get a bit better at it.  I’ve learned how to make sauces and dressings, and I’ve fallen for trawling food blogs for amazing recipes.  I’ve also started to figure out how to alter the recipes (adding green beans almost every time, they just might be my favorite summer vegetable, after red peppers, but are way cheaper.)  I need to start taking more pictures of the food I’ve made though.  Somehow I can never remember to take out my camera, and I’m usually so hecticrunningallovertheplace that I’m glad to just have food on the table and people around somewhere nearish the time I said it would be ready.

I always thought I was a good baker, but I think I might be a better cook than baker.  I still love baking, but my friend Carrie puts me to absolute shame (Earl Grey ganache anyone? She’s a wizard with the baked goods).

In my dreams, I’m the kind of girl who makes crafty wonderful things, cooks well, and still writes poetry.  These days I’m more scattered, trying to recover my lost music, doing laundry and leaving it unfolded and still scrambling for a job that I’ll enjoy.  Life seems to get in the way of the life I wish I had, and I’m trying to figure out how to get back on track.