Print: Laos

Tonight was supposed to be an evening of catching up with friends and meeting new instructors with WAC. For reasons too much to get in to here, I had to skip the meet and greet. Not thrilled.

Rather than just stew at home angry, I took the time to work on my ever growing print project.  Here are the results from a bit of wine and some sharp blades. 

I knew this image was going to be too large for my format, but here is the starting point. I upped the contrast (hiding Dave completely) and reversed it for reference. This image is the reverse of the original. 

Next I traced the block and sketched out the image in sharpie. I used to use a finer point, but the blunt tip of sharpies mimics the finest point of the blade I use better than a fine tip pen. Using the sketch, I redraw the image on the block. At this point I mostly avoid looking back at the source image.  While it is useful, I will never get the fine detail in the photograph and referring back to it at this point is just frusrating. 

Time to cut! I use linozip blades rather than the traditional ones that gouge out. I find I have more control with the j hook.

The final block- pre printing. Typically I test print with stamp ink first and make adjustments, but this block had enough relief that I felt pretty good about it and went right for the ink.

The final image.  I will print it on better paper, but this is what I had on hand, and you can see the weave coming through. 

Eventually I will print all the blocks on nice paper and bind them in to a book– that’s the long term goal at least. For now, this will do.

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