Around The World

I’m taking a brief interlude (because really, this blog has been blah blah blah CLIMBING blah blah for a while now) to say– I have an INCREDIBLE family.  This morning, sometime in the early hours before the sun inched above the horizon, my uncle circled the earth. He’s now biked 24,901 miles– the circumference of the earth.

When I moved to Seattle I stayed with my aunt and uncle.  That winter a storm hit and I remember Dave having to, finally, break down and drive. A storm that saw a bus dangling off of a hill over the freeway, that saw clogged streets and a city brought to a standstill– I guess that’s reason to stop biking.

So, three cheers to Dave! He’ll want to kill me for posting this on social media– but too bad. I’m proud of him.  I love that he kept track of the miles and that he bikes every day and that, even though he’s gone around the world, he’s probably heading to do it again.

Dave and Lou

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