Let’s Be Friends

Grad school excursion to San Diego with the usual suspects.

Grad school excursion to San Diego with the usual suspects.

I met my friend D- at the gym last night for a little bit of lady climbing without the whole crew. She’s super bad ass and crushes like a champ, of course. I didn’t make the 11+ yet, but it’s almost there. (Lean in more, higher foot… I think I can remember next time…) We talked about a lot of things between routes, and one of the things she said struck me. “Seattle needs more people like you, to break everyone out of the Seattle Freeze.” (Paraphrased, of course.)  It’s true that in grad school my friends called me the cruise director– I ran the welcome-train for new students, hosted everyone and anyone at my apartment with J- and helped run the graduate literary magazine.  I even put together a package of information for folks moving from across the country with apartment suggestions, places to gather and grocery store locations.  I hadn’t realized that I’m back to my old habits here.  Am I social person? Friendly? I suppose so.

I had all of this running in the back of my head today as I headed in to yoga at lunch. I was a little early and I started chatting with Michelle, our instructor. I don’t think we’ve ever really chatted before, beyond just a friendly hello, but there I was, acting like an old friend.  How do you know if you’re friends with someone? I’m realizing that I’m finally in a place where I just act like a friend and, poof, there you go. I’m tired of waiting and dancing– if I like you, and you seem to like me, there you go. Friends. Let’s talk about art. Come to my climbing night. Come to my house for dinner. Let’s go see music. Let’s go on an adventure. 

Just the two of us, Klaus Pichler, 2013

And your daily dose of inspiration, in case you needed it: Just The Two of Us. Stumbled across this project yesterday. I think I need to get back to my masks.



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