Oh, it’s so almost here! Well, a lot is almost here. I don’t even know what I’m most excited about.  Kristy, from Dancing Girl Press, sent me the galleys for Experiments in Light and Ether and can I just say, again, how excited I am to be part of her selection?  I love what she does, and I was a little nervous about the page breaks but she’s done a beautiful job and I completely trust her with my words.

Then there’s Versus.  Feel like seeing me walk my stuff across the bar at Chapel? Then come out this Saturday to our event.  It’s at the Chapel up in Capital Hill, and starts at 7:30.  You can get tickets from Brown Paper Tickets or at the door, but there’s been quite a spike in sales over the past week, and we’re thinking it’ll sell out.  The photo below is from a promo fashion shoot that we did a few weeks back with Althea, who made everyone comfortable in front of the camera despite our very non-model experience.  I’m wearing a dress that Paige designed for our show, though I’ll be wearing clothing by Angel of Kombat Glamour in the show.

Then (because, of course, it doesn’t end) we’re gearing up for the Poetry Northwest release.  It’s going to be at the Blue Moon on November 9th, and we’ll have a film screening and live music, with a little poetry thrown in there.

Oh October. What a month you have turned out to be.

2 thoughts on “Galleys!

  1. Hi! Enjoyed the video of fashion show! It looked like FUN! Bet it took up
    a lot of your time.
    Received your lovely note via snail mail. It was very thoughtful.
    Did not know you had this website. Enjoyed reading your entries.
    Have also joined a book club. Have not been to a meeting as yet.
    The book selections are ones I would not pick, but will give them a try.

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