And thus we enter August

Pardon the lack of updates.  I’ve been busy.  Really busy.

July meant two nights of GoudouGoudou, a fundraiser for HopeH thrown by The Heroes.  It meant a fourth of July party that had me grilling in a drizzle and laying in the middle of Wallingford Ave (blocked off, of course) watching fireworks with some already good friends and some people I’d only started to get to know.  It meant meeting for poetry, meeting for coffee, scurrying out of my new office to watch the sound from Pike Market for lunch.  There was the Block Party, there was dancing at The Seamonster, there was four square in the street and fire dancing in the yard and crafts for friends.  And oh yeah, a new job. 

As we enter August I’ve been mired in wonderful home renovations.  We repainted, we replumbed, we refloored.  In the spaces I’ve been writing again, I’ve been reading Nicelle’s manuscript and I am absolutely positive September will be here before I even realize.  I’m excited to send my sister a wonderful birthday present this year.  So much to be happy about, so much to be looking forward to.  Yet another I-Love-Seattle post, I guess.  But I do.

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