Photo Essay

Memorial Weekend was gloomy and rainy until, of course, we went to the gym to climb.  Then the sun emerged.  Still, friends and dancing and breakfasts and coffee.  The days are starting to feel like they last for days, sun barely down as I get ready for bed.  I’m trying to get to sleep earlier, to rise earlier.  Stretching and a little yoga this morning with my housemate, coffee and oatmeal, and now headed off for coffee with my aunt.  Falling in love again again.  I know I am always joyous when I’m writing here, but isn’t that better than dreary and sad?  There is so much to enjoy in life, despite the way we (as people in general) can crash into each other with disasterous results.  I am writing letters again during the slow periods at work and sending them to someone I know is worth the time.  I am keeping my room clean(ish).  I am writing more.  I am reading more.  I am taking pictures.


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