This makes me happy

Amy Wilson’s work makes me smile.  It’s also Amy who makes me smile.  She recently did an installation ( that I wish I’d been able to go see.  One of the frustrating things about art for me (and the very large scale sculpture work that I used to do) was that I didn’t know what to do with it after creating it.  There’s the obvious “I’m going to sell this to someone who loves it” but when it comes down to it, the sculpture I did was student work that I was emotionally attached to and would have been  upset to simply pitch, but no one was about to buy it or want it forever.   I’m not saying Amy’s work is like that (I am the proud owner of a book/drawing that hangs above my bed), but I’d imagine the large tarp would be a bit difficult to place in a home or gallery for an extended amount of time.  So instead, Amy decided: tote bags!  She’s selling them, as she makes them, from her store here: I just let my sculptures be destroyed by the winter in my mom’s back yard, very Andy Goldsworthy inspired but I suspect everyone wasn’t too keen on pieces of plaster flaking over the grass.  Tote bags seem like a much better solution.

Keep an eye out for the next round of tote bags… Amy said she’ll be putting them up this Wednesday (the 19th) at 4 pm.  That’s 4 pm EST, for all of you West Coast readers. And Mountain Time.  And perhaps overseas?  Everyone could use a tote bag.  Everyone could use more art in their life.  Amy makes this possible.  Go Amy, go!

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