In A Week

I used to be a much different person.

But, who isn’t?  I am happy that I haven’t remained stagnant; if nothing were to change year to year I suspect I’d be moving on from Seattle and finding a new place to call my home.  This is the first place I’m not looking to leave, and I’m glad for it.

So I’ve quit my job at the Museum and I’m moving forward.  I turned and simply said it. I quit. And I did.  Now things change yet again, and I enter phase 4? phase 5? in Seattle.  I’ve had so many lives here.  The girl planning for the equivalent of a white picket fence and a settled life.  The rude girl dancing to ska and singing to bands left behind long ago. The girlfriend-of-the-musician, the poet, the artist, the co-op hippie chick, the club queen, the hiker…. None isolated, none completely forgotten.   And in a week, a friend from Before Seattle is coming for a few days to see my city and to listen to music and to help me cause an all around ruckus.  So here’s to him, and whatever version of me he finds when he arrives.  I hope it’s someone he recognizes.

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