Shouting off a cliff

I don’t have any pictures (yet) but Carrie Purcell and I read at Pilot Books on Friday night.  Despite the rain, Carrie brought many friends and I brought family and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  We went out to Vermillion afterwards, and it might be my new favorite place on Capitol Hill.  With a gallery in the front it has the feel of a speakeasy, the bar tucked into the dark brick beyond white walls.  There’s a jukebox and plenty of mac and cheese, tables to move around and music that doesn’t smother conversation.

In lui of photos of the evening, here’s some new art (thanks to my new scanner!) I’m not sure that it’s finished yet, but I wanted to post something.


Also, keep an eye on elimae, new work of mine will be appearing in November.

1 thought on “Shouting off a cliff

  1. Yay! So glad it went well. Did someone take pictures? I hope so! Either way, it was great to read about it.

    Congrats on elimae–love that journal.

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