So Who Wants Me?


I’m tired of feeling just to the left of where I want to be in Seattle.  I love the city, but it hasn’t exactly loved me back in the proper ways.  Last night the rain fell and fell.  It’s raining again.  Although I had intended on going to a job fair today, as I was pulling on tights and finding a shirt to match my skirt, I realized how little I wanted to network and push resumes into hands that belong to Target, Macy’s, Home Depot….

Yes, I need a better job.  But moving into another duldrum position isn’t what I need to do.  So I sat down and started working on fellowship applications.  Yes, I got a bit distracted with yummy food recipes.  But I have most of one application finished, and then I switched gears towards volunteering.

Every time I go into the Seattle Art Museum, I think I should be here. I shouldn’t be working near planes, I should be here instead.  I know that they aren’t hiring, but I have time, so what’s stopping me from volunteering?  The answer is- nothing.

So S.A.M, 826, Hugo House… I’ve submitted applications to volunteer at all of them, and if I’m getting in a bit over my head, well, frankly I’ve been spinning my wheels for too long.  It’s time to pack my schedule again.  Readings, volunteering, jobs, writing- I work best when I’m working. So who wants me? I’m coming at you, ready to be put to task.

2 thoughts on “So Who Wants Me?

  1. Guidance counselor #2 totally agrees. You are acting totally responsibly and taking steps toward a better future. Seattle doesn’t love you enough … YET … but she will!

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