Poets and Lakes

Rachel Lake

Finally got out of Seattle and went hiking up to Rachel Lake.  Four of us, two dogs, and a whole bunch of wonderful conversation.  We meandered up slowly and came out at the lake around three or so, maybe a little later.  The lake was beautiful and so cold.  The sharp rocks didn’t stop us from wading in and dipping beneath the surface.  It took me a while, simply staring at the wind ruffled surface, but I finally knelt and dove.  Suddenly, I was awake, as though I had been sleeping for days.  I don’t know that I really laughed, but I felt like my entire body was joyous.

We talked poetry and books and workshops for most of the walk down.  As we got down the mountain the temperature rose, but it wasn’t unbearable.  Right now I’m sitting outside, the sun is setting and the sky is streaked orange-pink against periwinkle. One of my house-mates is baking and the house smells wonderfully of berries, cinnamon and pie crust. I love summer in Seattle.


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