New Things


I’ve decided that the only things I’m going to buy that I don’t really need are going to be things that make me happy.  That sounds like a silly statement, and I don’t really go out and shop a ton, but I’m sure there are things that I purchase (like chapstick) simply because they are there.

Two new books are headed my way, and I’m excited:  Amy Wilson’s book and Kate Durbin’s chapbook.  Amy is an amazing artist that I met through a good friend, and I’m excited not only because I get to support Amy, but also because I get to have Amy’s work out here in Seattle.  Kate’s book is just breathtaking, and Dancing Girl Press has such a wonderful chapbook series that I’m overjoyed to support it.

I love things made by friends.  I’m spoiled- my friends are artists and musicians and writers, and I get to experience all of it.  A good friend just sent me his book and I devoured it in a day.  How did I become friends with such amazing people?  They are beautiful.

3 thoughts on “New Things

  1. Thanks so much for your support! Your input went into the chapbook, so hopefully that will make it extra meaningful to own.

    Your friend Amy’s book looks super cool, by the way…a really unique artifact! I want one.

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