Carving Space

cherry blossoms

“Such wildly fluctuating phase changes reflect light with what is known as critical opalescence.” -Peter Galison

Today has been a strange day, added to yesterday’s strange day.  The bus tunnel was closed when I went to catch the bus, of an apparent fire.  Of course, it was a faulty heat detector and there was no fire.  That’s what the past few days have been- fire alarms for no fire.  Even the stove light is stuck on, always indicating a hot burner.

Seattle is a place of shifting phases for me.  I’ve been meeting some wonderful people, but it stills very much like a solo adventure here.  I’d like to think that I’m headed towards critical opalescence.  All sorts of glimmer and shine.

So I’m trying to make a space for myself now.  I bought some lights, found some more sage incense, and I have a lovely four pawed roommate who has begun to curl up in my overstuffed chair.  I am using the work I’ve been writing at work to launch into actual work, and I’m bringing my day-dreams to the page.  I just needed a bit of chaos to get myself ordered again.

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