Stones and Pounds

DSCN2849 After a delay (again) the new Monday Journal is posted.  It seems everything I had meant to do gets a bit shifted around.  I’m still trying to figure out how I exist in my new place.  I have plans to make more bread tomorrow, and I hope that goes as intended.  Weekends in the middle of the week still manage to throw me off, though I should be used to it by now really.  

I’m reading about Einstein and clocks right now, and it’s amazing to realize what I just haven’t thought about.  Of course time is a matter of perspective and relativity, but I hadn’t thought about the massive effort that had to go into co-ordinating clocks.  I seem to run across time shifts everywhere now.  The refurbished tower at the Museum has a display about Zulu time, and I’m recently thinking of time zones more than I had in the past few months.  I used to have two clocks running in my body, one for the East Coast, one for the West, but I find the East Coast clock slipping a bit into memory now.  

I don’t have a clock in my room, and that’s probably why I ended up staying up too late with my housemate Sunday night.  Instead of a night with a glass of wine and a book, like I had thought, I had good company and conversation, and we found this site.  A metric poster will be en route to the Meridian house soon!  Even converting inches to metric feels like it’s clocks again.  Measurements made of arbitrary units, the length of a finger bone or the weight of a stone.  The seconds tick away with a twitching hand, and already it’s the afternoon here, I haven’t begun anything I had planned on.  


1 thought on “Stones and Pounds

  1. I read somewhere that these scientists did an experiment where they put a bunch of people in a dark underground space with no clocks for several weeks. The people basically were living 25 hour days, so that by the time 12 days had passed (I think that’s correct), they were completely turned around–sleeping in the day, awake at night–without knowing it. So weird how our bodies have a natural “clock” that is different from the planetary clock, and it’s only b/c of the sun that we stay “on track”–or at least, on the suns track! Bizarre.

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