Monday Project delay

This is the second week I’ll have to delay Monday’s project installment.  Tomorrow, though, I’m off from work, so hopefully I’ll play a bit of catch up.

Here are some sequins to keep the crowds satiated, blurry with the storm raging outside and the rockingswayingmoving bus. [There is something wonderful about buses in the rain.  The windows steamed, moving through the city with blinders on. I have a poor sense of geography, but I am beginning to embrace it and enjoy the mystery.  Senseless to battle some things, and I will always turn the wrong direction.  A bus in the rain compounds the mystery, arcs wiped against glass as passengers peer towards the nearly invisible street signs.]


3 thoughts on “Monday Project delay

  1. we don’t know each other
    but somehow i ended up reading your
    Monday Project delay…..
    and just wanted to say that you have an great style of writing.
    also, i have a few close friends that are also geographically challenged, yet they are The Most Gifted Seers in the Spiritual realm.
    they need me to get around down here on earth;
    and i need their help & guidance when i’m meandering through the clouds….. lol

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