Monday Journal

I’ve decided that I like deadlines. 

Thus enters into the world Monday Journal.  I’m going to be posting excerpts from my journal every Monday.  The internet is a dangerous place for journals, but my intention here is not to go on and on in a narcissistic fashion but to combine text with image.  Since I figured out how to post pdfs on here I’ve been trying to think of a way to use this, and Monday Journal seemed to make sense.  You can click here to go directly to the page, or use the tabs and look under Projects.  

I hope I can balance between raw and refined with this new idea, using brevity to keep from becoming just another ranting journaling space.  These will be small pieces that might become part of something larger to publish, but have no homes now; they are half realized and half formed starts.  I might update more than just Mondays, but at minimum it’ll be a once-a-week routine.

Please Leave Blank.

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