Integrated Project

Ghost Flower

I want to start integrating drawing, collage and poetry into a larger project.  At Moravian my thesis project took the form of a field guide, and maybe I’ll start along that sort of vein again.  I feel like I keep starting projects and wandering off mid-way.  I’m not finished with my collection of ether/light yet, I haven’t found a home for my larger collection, and now I’m starting off down a path lined with botany and insects.  During all of this, I’m trying to find a better suited job and properly start out on my own in Seattle.  So many tasks, so much to do.  All of this will eventually end up as part of the same thing, but here are pieces and snippets for now. 

Mohavea confertiflora

A body to confuse, ghost flower

against a sandy hillside. Already, my tea is bitter,

the leaves over steeped.  I have forgotten names

I thought irreversible, I am stumbling into the center

only to find my tongue empty.

ghost flower text

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