With my hours cut at the museum I’m getting back to things I wanted to be doing.  I made soup, I worked on poems, I read, and I drew.  Not a bad Wednesday, even if I wasn’t getting monetarily compensated for it.  

Collage with flower and wasp moth

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from a friend who moved off to England, but I’m still using a book I have on extended loan from him, Amazon Insects.  I could lie and say I don’t know why insects fascinate me so much, but I know.  Their joints are beautiful, and their bodies segment in such linear ways.  Against a water-brushed page ink blurs nicely into wings and antennae flare with a quick drag of a point.  I’m trying to put more thought into my collages, control my lines a bit better.  In college I was told I was impatient and took too little time with my art, and in retrospect I can see the truth in it.  I liked the spontaneity of splatters, but part of my blurred lines was to mask what I felt was an inability to draw precisely.  I think I like the addition of of sharp edges like stained glass into my work.  I started to work edges in when I came out to Seattle but they were cut with a blade and objects suspended within.  An easy edge.  I want to combine the easy and what I find more difficult; challenge my control.

1 thought on “Newness

  1. I enjoy the direction of your drawing and the influence of deco and stained glass that you are expressing. I also like the way that in bringing the two styles together the new style appears to have respect for the old style and does not overpower it. By the way, I finally found the collection of little collage/paintings you left behind.

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