While I was out in Seattle I had the chance to flip through a book by/about the work of Andrew Goldsworthy that my aunt had taken out of the library.  Not only does he write with incredible eloquence, but I fell for the temporal quality of his instillations.  Ice shadows, hand-prints that melt away, leaves plastered onto trees only to blow away as they dry…. There’s something appealing about creating something just to let it disintegrate.   I used to do a lot of sculpture work, but I’ve since transitioned into pen and ink and words.  Still, I have plaster bodies about the house, and they are beginning to get dusty and forgotten, as well as become an obstacle for cleaning.  I still can’t throw them out, but I can take them outside and let nature run her course with them.  The back patio has long ceased being a usable patio, so I used the pile of rocks to create a wall and a Goldsworthy inspired pattern.  I’m not sure how long it will last, but it was fun to do regardless.


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