click your heels

Back to the East coast, drinking a beer with my brother after a somewhat successful attempt at driving standard.  He’s actually a really good teacher for it, and I’m sorry I doubted him.

It’s odd to be back, but it did feel nice to go for a run this evening, even if it was after a long day at work.  The prop shop is an endless source of odditysphinx and I want my head to settle a bit so I can mine the objects for all they’re worth.

I did forget how beautiful the light is here.  Sunset is glorious, without the aide of smog.  And there are lightening bugs! Makes up for the mosquitoes who thought, as I was running, I was their personal buffet.  It sort of looked like there was a blight in the trees, but it was just the goldenred of sunset.  Now it’s black and quiet.  But it feels like words are just a far stretch away, I’m not using any of it properly. sunshadow

1 thought on “click your heels

  1. lightening bugs…. i see some sometimes in philly and i wonder if they are sad without their fields-full-of-friends. They seem somewhat out of place and very small flickering their tiny lights on sidewalks overshadowed by buildings blinking

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