things I’ve learned

Jessi decided to put the Blue Planet dvds on the Blockbuster que.  What a wonderful idea.  We made dinner and watched fish, though now I feel badly eating fish, especially after watching the “Seas in Peril” section in the bonus features.  Turns out fishing is evil. Really evil.  If only suishi didn’t taste so good…

blue planet cover

Things I learned:

Mackerel are screwed. They are on everyone’s menu, and the “ball up in a shimmery sphere” defense mechanism, well, it isn’t that successful.  It just makes it easier for the bigger fish to dart in and get a meal.

The (undersea) world would die without plankton.

Hermit crabs are given silly music as they scurry around trying to steal each other’s shells.

Quite a lot of undersea creatures really seem to dance a fine line between animal and plant. Or are strange fusions, animals with plant cells hitching rides and also providing nourishment.  Seem suspicious to me.

All of this reminds me, I need to own this book, part 3 in a series of wonderful coffee table books.  Series also includes Giraffes? Giraffes! and Your Disgusting Head.Creatures of the Deep

1 thought on “things I’ve learned

  1. a google for ‘Giraffes? Giraffes!’ brings up a band site, from portland. they make loud noises.

    there is a plethora of knit-squid-purse-patterns online. you should make one. and wear it on your head. like a hat. cause squids like to be hats. really.

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