Reading Lists

Oh misinterpretations.

Perhaps it can be accounted to the late hour, and the alcohol I’m sure was consumed, but these are lovely:

“…I assumed you did. You’re too young to be tied down. I’m old to be insane.”

“You want to screw around let me know. otherwise. adios.”

“PS. Maybe i burned a bridge but i believe in suicide. Check Schopenhauer.”

“I’ve a tendency to make people feel things they don’t want to. Call it arrogance. I know what I am.”

Bit of back story. I’m a friendly person, and was introduced to this fellow a while back. Ran into him at a reading but pulled a blank at where I knew him from. Social graces as they are, I figured it out and apologized for not recognizing him. Handful of conversations later, a Family Guy link sent and laughed at, another reading attended, and all of this culminates in…. me being made to “feel things [I] don’t want to.”

I’m not trying to make a point against this fellow, really. Maybe he doesn’t get smiled at very often, and my conversation was laced at some subconscious levels with “come-fuck-me” vibes. I’m not sure. If it happened, it was beyond unintentional. I’ve lasted two years out here by myself, and this guy wasn’t about to be the home-wrecker. But he did manage to ruin my evening and make me want to crawl into a hole and talk to no one of the opposite gender. And this afternoon, I’m just a bit irritated that he made me feel that way.

On a happier note, The Trucks are amazing. The trucks!kristin from the trucksJackie Bang knows them from Bellingham, and she was right: this is the band I wanted to be in in high school. Four girls, two casios and a whole lot of kick ass-ness. They were so fun. They opened for Northern State, the Dollyrots and Killiola. I wanted to take them all home. Makes me want to put on roller skates and start a band. I don’t know why roller skates, but I do. And fun clothing. And dancing around.

So here’s to fun girls. And thumbs down to stupid boys.

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