I’m trying to sort through Derrida and Lacan, and getting somewhere close to nowhere. Ah theory. It’s all a bit tangled, and when an essay begins by saying that Derrida’s writing was “dazzling” I tend to think it’s not the most objective.

Instead, distracted by my friend Nicelle’s poetry. Best poet here, hands down. (Jessi says my work is on par, but of course I disagree.) Mythology is so deeply interwoven into her three pieces, it got me thinking. She moves from Babel and Genesis (and Eve) into Persephone and Hades, and ends somewhere in Egypt. A friend here told me how shocked he was the first time he heard the bible referred to as a myth. But it’s always been part and parcel, Basat beside Hera beside Eve. Spokes of the wheel, way to go Eckankar.

Funny that I should be starting my second project investigating the theories of Light and Ether. Eckankar is about achieving Light or some such thing… a very hippy dippy religion that I’m not entirely sure I stand with. It seems what I remember learning was more of the Buddhist and Taoist leanings of Eckankar. I don’t remember all of the Light that I later read about. But here I am, delving into light. Particle and wave theory, the ideas of reflection. Photon telaportation (it exists!) and penumbras. I wonder if it’ll end up connecting back to religion, or only in my oblique way, the only way I can access it really.

We’ll see when the book is done.

1 thought on “Mythology

  1. ah, Eckankar. What a perfect launching point for your post on a childhood memory, and mine on the truth of the matter. I actually did some research about Eckankar a year or so ago, when trying to explain it to a friend. Came up on a list of cults website. I’ll look into this some more, and put up a linked post later today.

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