Body Language

Lengthy reading about structure and language, and I’m left thinking I ought to control my limbs a bit better.

I’m not sure when it happened, but the University Village Cinema put in a very large flashing sign that I can see from my apartment window.  I think that’s what it is emerging from, or it is a very misplaced freeway advert. Either way, at first glance this evening I thought it was a church steeple, just lighting up.  In florescent pink and baby blue.  Wouldn’t shock me too much, I did grow up going to a church in the Ironbound section of Newark with Cyrillic neon letters behind the pulpit.  (I wonder if that onion domed glory is still standing on its tarnished gold foundations?)  As night fell a bit deeper, the flashing continued.  I thought the steeple was malfunctioning, but now I’m left to assume: marketing.

I’m failing at this “poem a day” challenge.  Ether is too heady for me to wrap around each day, and my little snippets aren’t very elaborate or poetic.  There is a connection here, albeit a tenuous one.  Ether intrigues me, and I think it’s the way I can access writing about (g)od without (G)od. Or the difference between. Similarities.  Something.

How impossible to believe: nothing is really nothing.  Sad scientists disproving ether. It was all an accident, and they were left with no resounding substance filled with (G)od’s purpose. Just the vacancy.

Picture from Baltimore, at a much different time.

Baltimore, forever ago

4 thoughts on “Body Language

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  2. thats not what i wanted to do. meant to link in my post, not put up two. and now i have three. goodness gracious. feel free to delete any and all.


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