Windy Saturday

The wind cleared off the smog that’s been coating the air for the past few days, and it is actually quite lovely.  The winter rains mean there’s actually green, and it’s only now starting to fade.  I walked over to the botanical gardens with Jessi, hoping to see the iris garden in full bloom.  There was one, a royal velvet or something along those lines, but I’ll have to go back to see the others.  I forgot how flat iris leaves are before the stalks.   There’s an interesting bench and sun shade sort of thing.  Felt like we should be waiting for sheep to cross down the mountain behind us. And of course, there were more poppies.  I love poppies, even if I thought they were sage at first because of the label and felt very confused, because I was quite sure that flowers this bright and delicate petaled were poppies, not sage. Poppies againSunshade lonley iris

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