back when I was a model

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I think my mum has actually used this as a backing for other prints/paintings she’s sold. So if whoever bought it ever re-framed what they bought, they’ll discover a misprint of this print. 2001I’d say this is circa 2001 or so. It’s what happens when you have a mum who’s an artist. Oh look! The color of your hair and your bra/tank top match! Let me grab my camera, here, the shed is a nice background…. We never had normal family albums, and we’re all the better for it. Pah studio portraits!

3 thoughts on “back when I was a model

  1. I totally forgot about the hidden print. We intensionally hid a print of this photo between a watercolor and the backing. It was the large, magenta painting of three nude figures that is titled “Afternoon Thunder”. The photograph of you went so well with the painting that we thought the buyer of the painting should get the photograph too, even though they wouldn’t know it until, if ever, they re-framed the painting. There is a good chance that by now the photograph has been discovered. The painting sold two years ago from Solaris Gallery. A little bug had started to make a home in the wood of the frame. We tried to get it to leave several times by filling the tiny hole that was its entrance/exit. By now, the owner has probably tired of the little critter and has had the painting re-framed.

    I never used this as the backing for a painting.

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