Botanical Gardens

Nothing like a long walk to make you feel better. Me feel better. Not that I was feeling poorly, but it was nice. The gardens are full of colors this time of year, and it’s about 80 degrees right now. I’m going to be a bit sunburnt, I can already feel it. I sat on cement steps for a while, bare feet against the coolness. A lizard kept inching closer and then scurrying back up the tree beside me.

Checked on the iris garden, but it’ll be a while until they bloom. Still, hopefully I won’t miss it this year. California can be beautiful, I can see why people stay. Snowing so much at home Chris went home early from work, and there I am, sitting in rolled up pants and a tank top. With lizards darting everywhere.

This photo is from a while ago, but same place. Though I didn’t see a tailless guy this time around.

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