So Elijah and I went to see snow this past weekend! Drove up on Saturday, towards evening. We took the wrong turn off of the freeway, but the road was pretty anyhow, and I kept taking pictures out of the windows.  Still, we back-tracked and eventually found our way up the mountain. I hadn’t expected the massive amount of other people who also had the idea to come see snow. People were parked all the way along the road, and people with pick ups had brought shovels to bring fill up the backs and bring snow home. There were snow men everywhere, with desert brush for hair. It was kind of great to see everyone just romping around. We kept driving higher and higher, and eventually made it near the Mountain High ski resort. Pulled to the side and walked towards the resort. We just kind of ran around on a hill, playing in the snow and sitting on a rotting log for a while. Elijah had thought walking in snow would be like walking in sand, and was shocked to sink deep into it. I guess that’s what you get for living in Texas and Tennessee. He made his first snow ball, but we didn’t have the gloves etc to make a proper snowman. It took us two hours to get back down off of the mountain, with the traffic of other snow-goers. Still, definitely worth it.Elijah's snowballtree from car window

2 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. there we go…now that’s a snowball…poor elijah…pushing that giant heavy ball everywhere…where’s the snowman???…get the top hat and carrot out…

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