I know I shouldn’t take it personally

A student slept through my entire class today.  As in, sitting in the back, slouched against the wall.  I called him out at the end, but still.

My final letter is in, so my application goes out in the mail today. Finally. And then it is out of my house, out of my hands, and I have promised to stop obsessing over it.  Really.

I wish I had a picture to post of what the scrubby mountains looked like this morning when I walked to class.  For the first time, it felt like a good day.  I’m basing this solely off of the shadows, but still, it was nice.  The sky was a dark blue, a grey cloud blue, the morning after rain kind of blue, and the recent influx off green looked plush and like it’d be the softest thing to curl up in.  Dark brown, rain drenched mountains.  Tempted to blow off class and climb the path up to the near top of the one behind campus, but I’m a teacher, and I have to show up.  So kids can sleep through class.

Here’s a picture of the mountains that I found, pre-rain.  I don’t know who the horses are. Or the riders.  It’s so much prettier now. Lush. 

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