Nice People

There are nice people in the world. This may sound silly, but here are two examples of people doing what they didn’t need to, but it made my day a bit better.

First. I wrote about her book “cartography of birds,” but I forgot to mention that after a bit of searching on the internet, I found an email address for J L Conrad. I sent her a note, just to say that I liked her book and thanks for making something beautiful. And she wrote back to me. A very nice email, and I wouldn’t say we’ll be best friends or anything creepy like that, but it was nice to know that my silly email mattered to her. I’m sure it was nice for her to hear that her book mattered to someone as well. People matter! (I’m very hippie tonight, let’s all hug!)

Second. Ebay is a trap when avoiding work, and I’m on the quest for perfect jeans. That said, late at night on Saturday I accidentally bid on an atrocious pair. My mistake, but wow were there terrible. It looked like I was going to win and be stuck with a pair of jeans that I don’t really like instead of finding the perfect pair that I’m convinced don’t really exist. So I sent the seller a note, asking if it would be okay to pay the winning price but not be shipped the jeans, and thus not have to pay shipping as well. And lo and behold, the seller canceled my bid for me and only slightly chided me to be more careful next time. Very slightly.

That and my friends rock. All of them.

(Group hug?)

1 thought on “Nice People

  1. group hug…im not in the hippie mood…im all fired up over that crappy reality tv fox keeps pumping out…its killing my soul…

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